How it Works

An exciting new concept in interior design…

MDO provides planning for your interior design projects via an online presentation. MDO provides easier access to licensed interior designer, Maura Braun, IIDA, MFA , with 25 years of experience, via Skype or in person depending on your project’s location. MDO gives you the option to D.I.Y. at a much more affordable rate than working with a traditional interior design firm. You can also choose the Designer Level of Service if you elect not to do the project yourself. MDO provides an efficient and cost effective means for working with a professional interior designer.

So let’s begin…

Begin by choosing the room you wish to redesign.  A kitchen … a bathroom …  Living room … any room.

1.  Measure the room.  Length + width + height (this is also important!)

2.  Take some photos that capture the best overall views. Stand in a corner of the room or just outside the doorway to get the best view for each photo.

3. Upload other images that show the design qualities you would like to see in your project (e.g. scanned photos from magazines, photos of other homes).

4.  Complete the form

5.   Upload the photos

6.   Decide on an approximate budget

7.  Give us as many details  about what you would like to accomplish with this project.  On the form, you’ll get to elect either the D.I.Y.  option or the DESIGNER LEVEL OF SERVICE option for implementing the project.

8.  Submit the form.Fill out our Questionnaire

9.  We will email you a quote for your interior design presentation within 48 hours of receiving the form.

10.  We provide a link so that you can securely pay online.

11.  Upon receipt of payment, further details will be requested by, to increase the accuracy for the proposed presentation of your interior design project.   You will also receive a survey from Constant Contact.  Upon receipt of the survey, the project presentation timeline will be submitted to you and will begin.

12.  When completed, a design presentation will be delivered on a secure website and will include (1-2) three dimensional renderings of the proposed room, with the proposed floor plan, proposed furnishings and materials, along with the best sources to realize your new space.

13.  You will also receive the MDO Booklet, which contains all of the information needed to complete the project.MDO booklet complete Design Presentation

14.  The presentation will include the MDO TO DO list in the chronological order for implementing the proposed plan.


Get the Room of your Dreams

*If you live in the Chicagoland area, Maura will be delighted to provide full hands-on interior design services.


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