MDO Fast 5

A shortcut to your dream room!

MDO Fast 5 helps to narrow down the selections for your interior design project.  Options, based on the room’s key elements, are presented and showcase several color palettes.  Key elements include flooring, wall, door and trim paint colors, cabinetry stain color, countertop with backsplash materials and two fabric options.  The materials selected are based on current interior design trends and high quality, durable materials that are low maintenance.


Board 1

Board 1 uses a black, copper, gold and rust palette to create a very wam and dramatic interior. Eight materials are pre-selected to reduce your time in the decision making process.

kitchen designwith copper, gold and rust palette

 Board 2

Board 2 consists of an oyster white, rust and moss green color palette. The cherry cabinets and green accents provide a very comfortable and relaxing interior.

design based on an oysterwhite, rust and moss green color palette


Board 3

Board 3 has a color palette consisting of warm whites with a hint of pink (another warm tone) combined with brown to produce a brighter interior with a casual elegance.

design based on a color palette of warm whites with a hint of pink, combined with brown.

Board 4

Board 4 uses iridescent colored mosaic tiles with the cream and plum granite, together with the plum-colored cabinets.  This interior is gorgeous and will wow your friends and family.

Board 5

Board 5 has a very sophisticated elegance with a neutral color palette of off white, warm grey and charcoal. (We want to mention that the cabinets read plum, but are charcoal, see the materials board.) The neutral palette provides a perfect backdrop for almost any color accessories.